Paju Book City, Korea

Paju Book City (파주책마을), located in Gyoha-eup (Paju, Gyeonggi-do), is a cultural complex entirely devoted to the creation, publication, merchandising and sales of Korean books. The "city" belongs to Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Paju Book City is home to 250 publishers with over 10,000 workers. It covers the entire process of publishing from planning to printing and distribution and is home to a large number of book cafes and bookstores. Paju Book city is about an hour's drive north of Seoul, and sits directly alongside the 38th Parallel.

Approximately 250 companies have offices in this complex which spreads across 215 acres (875,000 meters2). These firms employ generate over $1 billion in annual sales. As of the end of 2014 the city will be nearly doubled in size as 300 more publishing and printing companies have plans to move to Paju Book City. (Wikipedia)

I woke up at 5am after my first night at the Hotel in Paju. Struggled with my jetlag I grabbed my camera went out and took photographs in Paju. A wonderful fotowalk with almost anything on the street.