Derventa, Bosnia Herzegovina

Derventa a town and municipality of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the northern part of Republika Srpska just northwest of the town of Doboj, in the Posavina region. The municipality comprises 57 villages as well as the town itself. The Derventa municipality borders with Brod, Modriča, Doboj, Prnjavor and Srbac, as well as Croatia across the Sava river. It has an area of 517 km2 (200 sq mi) and includes 57 villages in addition to the actual town of Derventa. The town of Derventa lies on the river Ukrina, and roads lead from it to Brod, Kotorsko (Doboj), Prnjavor (Banja Luka) and Srbac. The town has a suburb called Derventski Lug which has grown substantially in recent years due to growth of Municipality.

Derventa's population is split into two different categories. The first being a demographic of the town's population solely. The second however also takes into account the town's population, but it also includes all of the other settlements as well. The previous census' were taken during Yugoslavia prior to the civil war that would engulf the region. Like many other areas the war drastically changed the complection of Derventa's population. The most recent census of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was taken from October
1st until October 15th, 2013. It was the first census taken in the country since the Bosnian War. The full ethnic statistics will not be released until approximately July 2014. Preliminary results estimate the municipality's population to be 30,177.